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Creative Crows is a Pune based Social Media Marketing Company with our focus on ROI driven leads/sales.

Social Media has emerged as a most important digital marketing platform. Facebook marketing services is at the fore-front of this social media marketing tidal signal. Facebook has 70% market share in the Social Media domain which is trying to catch-up with the Search Engines. In the last few years Facebook Marketing has emerged as a powerful Per Per Click advertising platform competing with Google Adwords.

Facebook Marketing Services in Pune creativecrows

The Creative Crows Pune Benefit
Paid social marketing with Facebook Ads is completely different from using Facebook for regular social media activities. You need a extremely specialized Facebook marketing company In Pune (like Creative Crows) who has good accepting of the platform and its various features, which is familiar with your business, understand your business, your target audience, and have good digital marketing insights. At DigitalTokri Pune Digital Marketing Company in Pune, At Creative Crows Pune. we use Facebook marketing to generate leads and sales for your business. At Creative Crows Pune Facebook Marketing Company we have dedicated expert Facebook account managers responsible for all the aspects of your Facebook campaign which includes campaign creation, targeting, management and reporting.

Facebook Marketing offers many benefits over Google Adwords, like:


  • Facebook Marketing's AVERAGE CPC is $1.70 which is 56.4% lesser than the CPC of Google Adwords
  • Facebook Marketing has far superior and complete targeting than that of Google Adwords.
  • The conversion rate of Facebook is 9.40% which is 245% (2.5 times) more than Google Adwords. Higher conversion rate means better ROI.
  • A landing page is not mandatory for Facebook marketing.
  • Facebook marketing features more ad-types than Google Adwords.

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